Cradlz holster holding Smartphone to record pro golfer swing

HomeGolf : How old were you when you first played golf?

Greg Baumann : I hit my first shots when I was 4 years old.

My grandfather who was of one of the first members of the Esery Golf Club (France) introduced me to the game. Then when I turned 11, I joined the golf academy.


HG : What is your best golf memory so far?

GB : So many good moments come to my mind, but my first victory as a Pro when I won the Swiss Pro Tour in 2016 was very special to me.


HG : If you had one piece of advice to give to all golfers, what would that be ?

GB : A very easy one would be to ensure you have plenty of time when you take a lesson (smile).

If you are serious about improving your game, try to arrive at least 1 hour prior to your golf lesson to do a proper warm-up and stay 1 hour after to practice what you’ve learnt.


HG : What is your preferred golf course worldwide and in Switzerland?

GB : Kingsbarns in Scotland and the “Domaine Impérial” in Gland for Switzerland.


HG : …and the one you would like to play?

GB : There are so many (smile) but the TPC Sawgrass (Florida, USA) is definitely one of them.


HG : How does a typical training session look like for you ?

GB : It really varies depending on the part of the game I want to improve.

Generally, I try to do a bit of everything starting with 1h /1h30 of putting in the morning, then I’ll move to the practice and finalise by a round of golf where I try to work different approach shots.

I see a lot of amateurs focusing way too much on their swing when they should practice their putting. Most pro golfers I know spend over 60% of their time practicing their putting and short game.


HG : What training aids did you get from HomeGolf and how are those helping you with your game ?

GB : I got the « Putting Ruler » that I keep in my golf bag so I can work on short putts and putting green speed. I also got the « Putting Mirror » so I can work on fundamentals like shoulders’ alignment and eyes’ position.

Inversely, I also help HomeGolf to select most of their training aids, we then record tutorials so golfers know how to properly use them.

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